Great Saltpetre Cave Ownership History


Date Grantee (Buyer) Grantor (Seller) Cost Notes
August 20, 2006 Rockcastle Karst Conservancy The Felburn Foundation Nominal  
July 26, 1989 The Felburn Foundation Janette Rein (widow)
Stephen Rein and Lucinda O'Brien
October 19, 1985 Stanley and Janette Rein (wife)
Stephen Rein and Lucinda O'Brien
John Lair $100,000
July 26, 1963 John Lair Loda M. Owens
Committee for Walker Owens, an incompetent
$3,250 One-half undivided interest
February 26, 1947 John Lair Mary Alice Barnett (widow) $1 One-half undivided interest
July 5, 1938 Mary Alice Barnett (widow)
Walker Owens
Bettie Morris (widow) $2,550 Tract #1 and #2 combined.
July 5, 1938 Bettie Morris Deed Type: Affidavit of Heirship
Roscoe Morris was murdered at GSP on 1/27/33.
May 30, 1932 Roscoe Morris W. M. Carpenter $135 Tract #2
December 19, 1925 Roscoe Morris W. M. Baker and Chessie M. Baker (wife) $2,000 Tract #1
January 21, 1924 William M. Baker Plaintiffs: Eleven People
Defendant: William Carpenter
$1,425 Tract #1
Court ordered public auction sale.
September 3, 1912 W. M. Carpenter
Ella Carpenter (wife)
C. A. Mullins
Lucy J. Mullins (wife)
$100 Tract #2


Submitted by Andy Niekamp

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