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Great Saltpetre Cave Articles and Documents

Format Title Source
HTML The Great Saltpetre Cave Preserve Web Site GSP Web Site
HTML Renfro Valley Bugle Archives
Articles About The Great Saltpetre Cave
Renfro Valley Entertainment
HTML Geology & Archeology of Great Saltpetre Cave
Engel &
HTML Great Saltpetre Cave History
Rockcastle County, Kentucky and Its People, 1992
HTML Place Names Changes, Cultural Geography And Distribution Of Saltpeter Hoppers In Great Saltpetre Cave
Angelo George
HTML The History of the Great Saltpetre Cave
According to Richard Mullins

Richard Mullins (Interview)
HTML The Great Saltpetre Cave
An Except From The 1953 Renfro Valley Almanac
Tourist Map
HTML Moonshine Raid Article
July 23, 1897
Mount Vernon Signal
Tourist Brochure
Circa early 1970s
Text Only
Kentucky Explorer Article
July-August 1996
Text Only
The Speleography of Great Salt Peter Cave
September 1967 NSS News
Text & Maps
HTML 1878 Historical Account of Great Saltpetre Cave Collins
List of Radio Broadcasts From Caves
Including Great Saltpeter Cave in 1940
GSP Trail Map Jud
The Rockcastle Karst Conservancy Now Owns Kentucky’s Great Saltpetre Cave
December 2006 NSS News

From The Saltpetre Mining Era

HTML 1807 Embargo Act
HTML 1809 Non Intercourse Act
HTML George Hunter's 1802 Account of Great Saltpetre Cave
HTML John Baker's Discovery of Great Saltpetre Cave
HTML Samuel Brown 1804 Letter Announcing Purchase of Great Saltpetre Cave

From The Preserve Management Files

Great Saltpetre Cave Preserve Management Report
Fall 1990 - Text Only
HTML Status Letter Of The Great Saltpetre Cave Preserve
March 18, 1991


From The Rockcastle County Courthouse

HTML Great Saltpetre Cave Ownership History
The Great Saltpetre Cave, Inc
1971 - Articles of Incorporation
The Great Saltpetre Cave, Inc
1985- Articles of Incorporation

In The Movies

In March 2005 a video crew associated with National Geographic filmed inside of the Great Saltpetre Cave. In the film Dr. Ken Tankersly was interviewed about how caves contain clues about the earth's ice ages. The footage shot in Great Saltpetre Cave was one of several locations to be included in the National Geographic television show titled "Naked Science - Big Freeze". The show's debut was March 29, 2006. Watch the show on the YouTube link below. Dr. Tankersly's interview starts a bit over 27 minutes into the video.
Courtesy of National Geographic

In fall of 1996 scenes from the Warner Brothers Studios movie Fire Down Below were filmed inside of the Great Saltpetre Cave. The movie featured Steven Seagal. In the movie the Cave was portrayed as an underground mine where hazardous waste was being stored.
Download the Trailer
MP4 Format
6.08 MB
Fire Down Below Web Site


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